Floral Fantasy 3 by Barbara Bender
Sunflowr by Paul Chauncey
Plants 3 by Linda Koopman
Peace Lily by David Parsons
And Time Moves On by Chikiyo Jackson
Hosta leave 1 by Sophia Koopman
Autumn Leaves 3 by Teresa Saporiti
Wind on Palm by Robert Biondo
Maple Leaves Diptych 1 by Nancy Abens
Untitled 1 by Cindy Atkinson
Bouquet with Pears by Chris Morrow
Bouquet. Detail by Carol Rooney
Pink Tulips by Barbara Bender
Tulip 10 by Sophia Koopman
Morning Frost by Rick Menapace
In My True Love's Hands by Lisa A. Frank
As Nature Weeps by Lori Snyder
Barrel Cactus by James S. Heuer
Sunflower by Cynthia V. Nichols
Baroque Leaf by Russ Martin
Rustie Flower 3 by Teresa Saporiti
Life as Vines and Knots 1 by Dorin Todor
Red and Green by Anne De Geer
Cloudberry by Ewa Messner
Retrospection by Donald Ungerman
Flower 01 by Paul Chapp
Little Treasure 5 by Roberto Frieri
Trumpet Blossom by Beverly Norman
Flower 1 by Brenda Lindfors
Zen by Gautam Jaggi
Devotion by Gloria Pereyra
At my Feet by Mary Goodrich
Seaweed 182 by Alan Henriksen
Veggies by Walter Lesus
Untitled 1 by Kip Wiley
Rustie Flower 1 by Teresa Saporiti
Jacobs Ladder by Russ Lawrence
The Sentinel by Barry J. Merluzzo
Spheres by Darrell Sano
Primary Pallete. Grey County by Jeffrey Suchak
Lotus by Karen Lynch
Tulip by Randall Conway
Leaf Series 2204 by Kim A. Holz
Rose by Paul Chauncey
Faded Venus by Irena Romovacek
Wildflowers by Robert Biondo
Floral Study 3 by Byong-Ho Brad Kim
Barrel Flowers by Laurence A.J. Garvie
Echium No. 1. Australia by Ashley Mackevicius
Palm Tree by Ming Chan