Dalia Study 6 by Jack Curran
Tolerance by Herminio Alberti
Peony 2 by Herbert Friedman
Cosmos by Bill Bowley
Stow Lake #9 by Mitsu Yoshikawa
Houttuynia Cordata by Harry L. Hinkle
Calla Lillies 4 by Dianne Duenzl
Spring #2 by Jess Hardcastle
Sweet Potatoe 3 by Roberta Lynn Ledbetter
Hosta Studies II #7 by Michael J. Carl
Lexicon of a Gras 4 by Sue Bryan
Lotus Closed by Jerome D. Julius, Jr.
Artichoke by Ashley Mackevicius
Windblown Palms #11 by Hal Kaye
Lexicon of a Grass 8 by Sue Bryan
Water Lily by Jon K. Meyer
Night Orchids by Milicska Jalbert
Crowded by Robert C. Jenks
Wine Trail 22 - Umbra by Richard Ediger
Tropical Flower Four by Paul Wittreich
Wild Asters by Terence Falk
Hanamachi 5 by Kim Zuill
Seaweed 3 by Alan Henriksen
Tulip No.11 by Kirk Marshall
Hemingway's Pool by Derrick Pierce
Mum II by Howard Grill
Christmas Cactus #2 by Shelly Moore
Beauty and Needles by Carolyn S. Cogan
Corn 1 by Jonathan Gayman
Brilliant Maple Leaf 2 by Nancy Abens
Untitled 01 by Maurizio Montanari
Crepe Myrtle Crazy by Marie Sauter
Peeled Apple by Jeffrey Glasser
Glowing Tulip by Robert Biondo
Tree Fungi 1 by Patrice Cochran
Peony Leaves by Harry L. Hinkle
Stump Wrinkles by George Saines
Sedona Bloom by Alan Wood
Kricklewood Farm by Raymond Charrette
A Crown for Life by Herminio Alberti
Seaweed 8 by Troy Miller
Rolling Blossom by Norman Lerner
Ravage by David Guidas
Parrot Tulip by Lori Hutchison
The Last Iris by Karen Lynch
Giving Birth by Suzi Moore McGregor
Splintered Moonlight by Rosemary Brittain
Untitled 9 by Robert Rohn
Blue Rose 1 by Teresa Saporiti
Opening Beauty by Ewa Messner