The Sovereign Wing by Edmund Y.K. Yip
Sunning by Dennis Fritsche
FLOW Split by Barry Steven Greff
Lioness by Barry Steven Greff
Mother Goose by Cara Niazi
Kangaroo Feet by Bill Bain
Sammi by Bob Tapp
I Lose the Standoff by Xtina Parks
Pebbles by Dwight Hiscano
Stack of crabs by Lee Grossman
Happy Hour by Deborah Kane
Two Snouts by Cheryl Quick
Basset Hounds by Karen E. Curran
Passion by Scott Hoyle
Grasshopper Nymph by Kyle J. Zeringue
Animals 6 by Rene Roalf
Vanessa by Megan Ralph
Lizard in Venus by Farley Verner
The Board Meeting by Sanford Davis
Coastal Comfort by Rick Snively
Revered by Mary Aiu
Snaggletooth by Babara House
Gossamer Wings by Betsy Braunhut
Elephant Seal Bull by Thomas S. Parry
Bison 2 by Ed Drake
Iguana by Lee Gordon
Goldeneye by Bill Bain
Bird 4 by Carolyn S. Cogan
Smiling Goat by Bill Livingston
Crouching Duckling Eats The Dragon by Daniel Rice
Jellyfish by Olav Urdahl
Buddies by Victoria Ruderman
Untitled 3 by Per Erik Langaanes
Untitled 1 by Ron Plumhoff
Calf by Steven J. Epstein
Marwari Stallion by Wendy Hannum
Hermes at Sunrise by John P. Lewis
Dialogue by Suzy Ro
Reflective Silverback by Sonja Karen Hall
Chickadee by Jennifer Beser
Buffalo by Gifford Ewing
Lily by Randy Wright
Angry Bison 1 by Craig T. Patterson
Winged Reflection by Tom Sliter
Giant Manta Ray With Remora 2 by Chuck Davis
Lion Tree by Xtina Parks
Grackel Group by Lee Gordon
Horse Face by KJ Byrd
Contemplation by Peter J. Ansara
Homebound by Jason Jilg