Fall From Grace by John Bergholm
Cucciolo by John Scanlan
Grim Reaper's Messenger at Rehearsal by Gary T. Postlethwait
Afghan Agility by David R. Burton
Untitled 1 by Kammeron Michelle Martin
Frog by Dan Plunkett
Let's Hold our Breath! by Pierrot Jeannot
Ferocity by Robert Miller
Smile by Dawn Leader-Peloso
Giraffe Twins by Dale LaFollette
Drying off by Adam Plucinski
Sully'sBison by T. S. Alvarez
Shark by Ron Draxler
Evening Graze by Willow Brown
Wise Old Owl by John Bayler
Streeeetch by Marvin E. Seiger
Cow 6 by Stefano Zancan
Butterfly 9879 by Richard Paul Weiblinger
Lullaby by Pedro Genaro Rodriguez
Immersion Dances 06 by Darrell Sano
Hiding by Tara P. Zehnder
Beyond Words by Rachel Therrien
Lion Jr by Maria-Helena Markkula
Bushy Head by Derek Neidig
Horses in the Rain by Lazlo Gyorsok
Ruler of the Pride by Don Bierman
Butterfly In Love by Onanong Guljarustorn
North Side of the Lake by Sandy Olson
Tundra Swan 9192 by Richard Paul Weiblinger
Form and Fish by Randi Alegre
Horses 1 by Amanda Douglass
Marmoset 1 by Carmen Lazarescu
Lucas by Diego Lopez Carranza
Cavalier No 1 by Jim L. McKinnis