Bird by Mollye Miller
Ruffled by C. Dennis McKelroy
Crane Sighting by Ed Drake
Argiope Spider and Ant by Ron Hugo
Untitled 5 by 370 Ron Plumhoff
Maesta by Sarolta Gyoker
Three Kudus by Vijay Karai
Long Reach by Marilyn Maxwell
Dogs of Havana#10 by Sheila Bodine
Bird #1 by Noel J. Elliot
Loyalty by Jean-Claude Ardila
Man-o-War by Michelle Zudrell
Geese by Brad Isaacs
Iguana Joe by Randy Deerdoff
The Guardian by Marshall Gould
Three Goats by Anastasia Pottinger
Alpine Grasshopper by Scott Fowler
Nebula Fish by Marilyn Canning
Cats at Ephesus 6 by Dolores Smart
Garden Eels by Joseph C. Dovala
Tiny Bird 9 by Cara Niazi
Something to Crow About by Blake Shaw
Butler and Miss Marple by Virgil DiBiase
Deer by Gabor Havasi
The Watcher by Peter Boyadjieff
Hind Sight by Steve Chinn
Leopard by Barry Steven Greff
Alien Profile by Daniel Rice
Oysters 6 by Roberta Lynn Ledbetter
Hidden by Jennifer Beser
Ghost by Peter Boyadjieff
Dreamy Lion by Laurent Baheux
Flying Low by Donald A. Thornsburry
Gull Talk by Charles
Untitled 6 by Fattah Zinnouri
Bird by KJ Byrd
Lake of the Isles Dog Park 1 by Thomas Sandelands
Harmony by Bev Pettit
'Waiting...' by Robert Schwiebert
Grasshopper by Kyle J. Zeringue
4 Corners by Marjorie Kay
Between Brothers by Siobhan McClory
Utters by Christopher Soule
Consensus by Richard Coles
Cowgirl by Carolyn Guild
Thirsty Bird by Jesse J. McClear
Portrait of a Buffalo by Nicole Giadrone
Gros Ecureuil by Anne Setlakwe
Just a Friendly Pat by Jeremiah Cogan
Poised by Steve Chinn