Time to Go by Michael F. Corlew
Deer 3 by Allan R. Lamb
Amish Cows with Tree by William West Jr.
Down looking Up by T. G. Wilcox
Caged Chimp by Rodger E. Overholser
Bird in Hand by Michael Gora
Giza by Eddie Wexler
Jellyfish 03 by Alain Labbe
Looking At You by Donald A. Thornsburry
Leopard Spotted by Ira Serkes
New Zealand Falcon in Flight by Evan McBride
Arctic Mood #77 by Gary Shallcross
Red River Hog by Tony Roberts
Squirrel 6 by Anthony A. Laswon
Great Egret and Reflection by Daniel B. Zukowski
Cow Fights 3 by Richard Tucker
Surreal Horse in the Early Light by Julie Solberg
White Swan by Marilyn Canning
Overjoyed by Robert Ryan
Look At Me by Marvin Seiger
Coot 3 by Sophia Koopman
Bridger by Erika N. Haight
Sirus on His Favorite Lookout Point by Robert Moran
Roman Cat by Sorin Costache
Friends In The Field by Mary Aiu
Undisputed King by Samuel H. Brown
My Cat Nemo by Robert Ojeda
Passing Shadows 10 by Arkadiusz Kubisiak
Peregrine Falcon by Thomas Parry
Hawk in Flight by Christine Hauber
Leopard Face by Gary G. Altman
Cow 5 by Yves Perton
Dolphins 6-Bahama Banks 2000 by John Conn
Bug Off by Marvin Seiger
Untitled 11 by William Acosta
Shackleford Island Pony #4 by Jim McKinniss
Angelus by Jim & Anne Mitchell
Hopeful by Dolores Smart
Rufus by Andrew Lincoln
Sleeping Silvertip Sharks by Chuck Davis
OTW Royalty by Barry Steven Greff
Lobo by Manuel O. Hernandez
Metaphysical Mijo by Ryan Synovec
Walter's Lament by Joseph Corrado
Raven by Raffaele Mosca
Duet by Dawn L.C. Miller
Call from the South Slough by Sandy Olson
Morning Creature by Daniel Ruf
Untitled 2 by Stephen K. Hall
Arctic Fox by Elaine Heron