Flamingo by Robert Davis
Born To Stray 08 by Wu Yi-Ping
Dancing Cranes by Michael F. Corlew
Deer 2 by Allan R. Lamb
A Shoulder to Lean On by William Acosta
In Umma's Field by Sandy Olson
Red Tailed Hawk 11 by Gordon Middleton
Dogs of Havana#5 by Sheila Bodine
Elephant by Scott Harbourt
Cat and Urn by Tony French
At Home in Antarctica by Ernie Brooks
Lioness 1 by Bob Demchuk
Pigeon in the Tower by Jack Ronnel
Swan by Mirco Fontanella
Salt & Pepper by Marshall Gould
Blue Bird and Papyrus by Melissa Cook
Six Gulls by Bill Sinkovich
Old Bull by Bob Bader
Gone by Robert Ojeda
Group of Zebras by Jack Feder
In the Shade by Cheryl Quick
Dogs of Havana#11 by Sheila Bodine
Pongo by Andrew Lincoln
Going Home by Javid Kamali
Untitled 12 by Binh Trinh
#3 by Ragna Surges
Marine Iguanas by David Ruderman
Lion Love by Dale LaFollette
Vultures by Robert A. Levine
Herd VII by Krzysztof Strzoda
Pal for Life by Lynn Rae Fenimore
Horses and the Clouds by Suzy Ro
Eastern Bluebirds by Lars Hyttinen
House Centipede by Scott Prior