Butterfly #6 by Ted Fuller
Aspen Owl by Willow Brown
Deep in Thought of Freer Times by Charly McConnell
Flight 3 by Michelangelo Viterbo
Golden Eagle by J.L. Woody Wooden
llusion by Barry Steven Greff
Jezebel Lebezej by Brandy Emerson
Dissonance 7 by David Oakden
Butterfly by Rochelle Baker
Early Morning between Brockville and Prescott by Paul Matte
Love by Lynn Rae Fenimore
Streets of Asia 1 by Leo Pelletier
Longhorns by Roberta McGowan
Gallop by Steve Stokan
The Pigeon and the Sparrows 2 by Mel Wittenstein
Old Paint by Peter Charles Labrosse
Calchaquí Valleys by Pollo Dighero
Hunting Park III by Lynn Rae Fenimore
In Shadows by Michael R. Stimola
Bathing Ibis by Adam Plucinski
Kids-Say Cheese by William L. Witmer
Cathartes Aura 6 by Eduardo Fujii
Giraffa Camelpoardalis Rothschildi by Steig Ole Lerbakken
Travel Right by Lynn Rae Fenimore
7. No Pride by Clair Mallett
Road Warrier by Ralph Stout
Ice Pillow by Elaine Jones Heron
Late Octopi 4 by Joel Kubicki Jr.
Cattle Egret Palm Beach FL 2012 by Susan Taylor
Dolphins 12 by John Conn
Black Horse by Cristian Flueraru
Dragonfly by Pat Custer Denison
Whitetailed Sea Eagle by Evan McBride
Horse Landscape by Bibiana Petrera