La Chat Tigré by Igor Danajlovski
The Lady by Irina Banyik
Crocodylus Cataphractus by Steig Ole Lerbakken
Beribboned Horse by Roger Humbert
Impression by Kristina West
Marmoset 6 by Carmen Lazarescu
Brown Pelican by Larry Selman
Harold by Glenn Ronning
Mountain Goat-10 by William L. Witmer
Butterfly #4 by Ted Fuller
Walking the Dog by Donna Rosser
Starling on Fence by Robert Biondo
Golden Eyes by Barry Steven Greff
Peaking Harp Seal by George T. Grubb
Growler 3 by Melvin Rodriguez
Pygmy Kingfisher by Miguel Puche
In Flight by Bill Bain
The Agitator by Ewa Messner
Pegasus Dance by Hal Eastman
Growler 8 by Melvin Rodriguez
A Power Shake by Marshall Gould
Seagulls by Brandon Lee
Tiny Bird 8 by Cara Niazi
Organless Swim by Layzhoz Yeap
Sled Dogs by Bill Sharpsteen
Cashmere by Catherine Panebianco
Burro by Glenn Ronning
A Reflection by Sue Brown-Moseman
Mountain Gorillas by David G. Smith
Jellyfish 04 by Alain Labbe
Dog Days- For Me by Cara Niazi
Crane by Chong Kok-Yew
Who is Calling by Adam Plucinski
Male Mallard by Bill Bain