Hebomoia leucippe by Paul Eekhoff
Dead Bird #128 by John O. Roy
Trapped by Juan C. Jimenez
Sam Staring by Rick Menapace
The Path by Melissa O'Shaughnessy
Max by Alan Wood
Alligator Eye by Barry Steven Greff
Bison Profile by Clint Saunders
Two Cheetahs by Marilyn Maxwell
Ascent by Jim & Anne Mitchell
Mistress of the Garden by Ellie Ivanova
Two dogs by Donna Rosser
Angel by Glenn Ronning
Mounting Butterflies by Robert Biondo
Baby Slug by Bruce Bowles
The Egret Hangout by Thomas S. Parry
A Cat Named Jeep by Michael James Wallischeck
Predator by Jim & Anne Mitchell
Egret by Clifford Baker
Watching Eyes 02 by Ernie Husulak
Dead Bird #145 by John O. Roy
Two Lane by Glenn Ronning
Red Tail Hawk by Thomas S. Parry
Together at Last by Ana Serif
Freddie Behind The Fence by Richard F. Orr
The Guardian by Nicolas Grandmangin
Flamingo by Barry Steven Greff
Reaching Your Goal by Gonzalo Rosendo
Sheep by R.D. Smith
Cock Fight by William Acosta
Rhomborrhina flamea by Paul Eekhoff
Birdbath by Evan Wolarsky
Gull by Norm Stelfox
Motherly Love by Barry Steven Greff