Tree Frog by Bob Bader
Smile by Ming Chan
Jellyfish 10 by Alain Labbe
Full by Barry Steven Greff
My Garden 1 by Phil Yeh
Swallow Tailed Gull by Jacqueline Byers
Bumblebee's Embrace by Robert Biondo
Zebra by Mollye Miller
Hungry Giraffe by Juan A. Navarro
Like a Swan by Kerry Butterworth
Spider in the Rushes by Rochelle Baker
Flat Rock Scorpion by Scott Prior
Snow Geese Flying with Moon by Larry Selman
Street Scene #6 Asheville by Kyle Willson
Bird Eyes by Carol MacLeod
Tas and Mom by Paul Wittreich
Dog Days- Hardly Working by Cara Niazi
Gracie by Dane Stephenson
Predatory Katydid by Jadon Webb
Mountain Goat-8 by William L. Witmer
Only Two by Marilyn Maxwell
Zoe the Cat by Kyle Wilson
Wounded Buck by Dean Fikar
Elephant Seal Pups I by Gero Heine
Birds by Cristina Ellis
Dead Bird #160 by John O. Roy
Proud by Gary T. Postlethwait
Sheep to the Slaughter by Louis Montrose
Snort by Kathleen A. Sletten
Scamper by Steve Stokan
Carriage Horse by Bob Tapp
Zebra Crossing by Vijay Karai
Untitled 1 by Annelise Day
Sea Lion Love by John F. Tsumas