Oompf by Jeremiah Cogan
Butterfly #5 by Ted Fuller
Fallen by Michael Ebbs
Bald Eagle by David Launer
Pup 4 by Mike Worsham
Chickadee on Frosted Branch by Bill Bain
Contact by Guy Belleville
Dead Bird #99 by John O. Roy
The Acrobat by Kristina West
Grandfather 1 by Jeremiah Cogan
Marmoset 10 by Carmen Lazarescu
Dragonfly by Bill Bain
Goldie by Ellie Whitsett
Ghost Dressage 2 by Jane A. Spencer
Pup 1 by Mike Worsham
Peeking Fish by Marilyn Canning
Antarctica 2 by Martyn Lucas
Natural Design by Barry Steven Greff
Tropidacris dux by Paul Eekhoff
Cow Fights 7 by Richard Tucker
Boa Constrictor by Scott Prior
Watching Eyes 08 by Ernie Husulak
Take me Instead by Andy Shield
In Step by James Cammack
Surprise by Guy Belleville
Bird on the Wire by Sarolta Gyoker
Corbetti by Paul Eekhoff
Candy by Ron Hugo
Turkeys by Paul Matte
Picnic Visitor by Bill Bain
Sing Sing Sing by Jerome D. Julius Jr.
Almost There by Juan A. Navarro
Vulture's Flight by Gary Kingsley
Walking Daisy by Beate Sass