The Soaring of Ross Geese by Jane E. Kim
Zebras by Jonathan Silbiger
Trunk by Joyce Woolems
Egret Silhouette by John R. Kuhn, Jr.
Watering Heights by Marshall Gould
Three Pigeons by Jim Berry
Bird 2 by Jerry Whitty
Family Life by Jazan Kozma
Icelandic Horse by Jack Curran
Joey Ramone by Blake Kuehn
Angel Wings by Jazan Kozma
White Stripe by Rick Menapace
Growler 6 by Melvin Rodriguez
My You Look Tasty by Charly McConnell
Whispering by Larry Colby
Horse Farm by Leonard Seeve
Ram by Rachel Therrien
Off in A Flurry by Scott Joshua Dere
Shy Albatross by Evan McBride
Racing from the Water Hole by Elaine Jones Heron
Bigworld by Benno Auerbach
Arc Lit by Marshall Gould
Minaret by Paulo Romani
Skopelos Island Cat by Cleo Wilkinson
Complete Rest by Jane Spencer
Bird 4 by Douglas L. Carter
Birds by KJ Byrd
Japanese Macaque by Evan McBride
Desert Raven by Byong-Ho Kim
Cattle drive 17 by Allen Birnbach
Desert Elephants 3 by Glen Fisher
Flamenco by Alejandro Aldaco
Assateague Ponies Grazing by Ron Hugo
The Conversation by Sarolta Gyoker
Old Souls by Susan J. Braunhut
Resting on the Cable 1 by Michelangelo Viterbo
Flamingo by Robert Davis
Born To Stray 08 by Wu Yi-Ping
Dancing Cranes by Michael F. Corlew
Deer 2 by Allan R. Lamb
A Shoulder to Lean On by William Acosta
Panache by Blake Kuehn
In Umma's Field by Sandy Olson
Red Tailed Hawk 11 by Gordon Middleton
Dogs of Havana#5 by Sheila Bodine
Elephant by Scott Harbourt
Cat and Urn by Tony French
At Home in Antarctica by Ernie Brooks
Lioness 1 by Bob Demchuk
Pigeon in the Tower by Jack Ronnel