Seascape / Water

Evening Sands Lake Pepin by Dennis Newton
From the Bridge by Ted Anderson
Boccale with Cloud by Franco Sambo
Water Spray and Rocks by Gary Wagner
Enchanted Forest by Wendy Broekx
Axis Mundi 4 by Joanne Scherf
Golden Reflection by Rita Pignato
Same Same but Different 4 by Marie Jonsson
River Reflections by Ray Vaughn
Piers by Susan Guthrie
Autumn by Rachel Schneiderman
Factory Floor Oasis by Ian Wallace
The Bay by Mary Woodman
Colorado River #5 by Steve Shelly
Fire Writing by Lawrence Russ
Kagawong Creek by Mike Grandmaison
Sun in the Beach by Bernard Werner
Rolling Clouds by Gregory Butler
Bridger Mtns Montana 2012 by Carol Polich
Breakwall #33 by Terry Pytlarz
Stoney Point by Stephen Harris
Surf and Clouds by Gary Wagner
Fog by Gerald Dietrick
Stone and Water 5 by Bill Mauzy
Fade out 7 by Carl Hurens
Ripples Abstract 7 by Barbara House
Willow by Darcie Sternenberg
Ocean in Motion 7 by Marc Sheridan
Visibility Less Than A Mile by Jeremiah Cogan
First Encounter Beach 2 by Jim Nichelson
Where The Magic Happens by Robert Dromgoole
Britannia Beach #3 by Royden F. Heays
Rock Creek 1 by Andrew Thomas
Mono Lake Sunset by Sara Mortimer