Music / Sports / Dance

Dance of Life by John Elliott
Hands of the Artist by #1Ace Photog
Parc de Bercy by Patricia Jane Sweet
Head in the Clouds by Bernard Werner
Branding 3 by Ron Draxler
Figurine by Peter Madero
Community Chest by Jan Wolyniak
Martial by Jim and Anne Mitchell
Ballet 12 by Danny Gilleland
Women Movement by Sebahat Ersoy
Untitled 5 by Mark Sadan
Spirit by Torleif Hamre
Sand Trapped by Carol Mikkelson
Battery Park 3 by Bahman P. Tabaei
Underground HERO 004 by Jungwon You
Musical Hands by Sorin Costache
Perfect Day by Tootie Nienow
Maggot Fest 09 by Peter Tucker
Cheers for the Hometeam by Susan B. Griffith
Dance Practice by Tyler Vance
Dirt track racer by Rick Menapace
Swim Meet 4 by Mary Woodman
Dance Like Nobody Is Watching by G. Mark Lewis
To Rise by John T. Monahan
Over the Next Pass by Carolyn Guild
Negotiations by David Martin
Ballet9 by Julius Friedman
Double to Left Field by Martin Boyer
Playing with Soul by Mary Ann Reilly
Horse on the Beach #24 by Jim McKinniss
Tango In San Telmo by Brian Gorman
BednART @ UFO Festival by Jack Konieczny
Head in the Clouds by Bernard Werner
Ella by Martin Boyer