Music / Sports / Dance

Tango In San Telmo by Brian Gorman
BednART @ UFO Festival by Jack Konieczny
Head in the Clouds by Bernard Werner
Ella by Martin I. Boyer
Samvega 2 by Brett Schenning
Youth Code by Edward M. Bartel
The Blues by Jennifer Lawrence
Ben Street by Ron Meyer
Learning to Fly by Ron Hendricks
On the way to Amberd by David Karamian
Street Scene #1 Asheville by Kyle Willson
Loose Bronc by Bev Pettit
Jumping Contest by Jean-Francois Sigrist
Golden Slippers by Dennis Fritsche
Fly by Dave Wood
Circle of life by Alicja Gubala
Piper 9 by Bill Livingston
Bloom by Jerry Ranch
Up in the Air by Herminio Alberti
Mello Cello by James Aubry
Emanuel #4 by E. E. McCollum
Syncro Dive by Michael Gora
Road racers abstract #3 by Rick Menapace
Ozzie by Leonie Moreland
Motion #8 by Bill Cameron
ShadowBoxKitchenerOntario2009 by Michael Talbot
1  Backstage At Muscle Beach by Louis Kravitz
On The Track 2 - Union Fair by Ann L. Krumrein
The West by Tim Needham
Naked Cowboy by Water Leporati
Jean 1 by Jeremy Lindstrom
Street Musician by Emmanuel Canteras
5 Eagle Festival by Tim Coy
Flying or Dancing by Edyta Kielian
Cane Pole Fishing by Laurie Coppedge
Katita Waldo 2 by Lucy Gray
Martin Taylor by James Aubry
Falling in Love by Jane Vickers
Alone by Martin I. Boyer
Jean 2 by Jeremy Lindstrom
Rear View by Janeen Macrino
Sprocket Rocket by Steve Chinn
What's Down there by Joseph Constantino
Tedium by Ryan Cechini
Incandescence by Chester Ng
Track Cycling Race by Rick Menapace
Fraction of a Second by Sylvia Sampson
Ilana Switch Leap by Martin I. Boyer
A Hasty Retreat by Susan Stone
Motion Study by Glen Bering