Photojournalism / Documentary

Cow Fights 12 by Richard Tucker
Robie Industrial Park by Robert Currier
Pow Wow 8 by Ernie Leyba
A Hero Comes Home by Scott L. Gibson
Semana Santa 2 by Terence J. Lyons
All the Fun of the Fair by Jeanann Wieners
Memorial Day Parade 10 by Donna Preis-Siede
Festival of Light 10 by Royden F. Heays
Untitled 3 by James Helmer
Good Friday 4 by Paolo Burlando
Kid 4 by Eldar Guliyev
The Lesson by Michael Gora
Hunger Striker Having Blood Pressure Taken by Steven Hopkins
Orphans by James Helmer
Christine & Margaret by Fred Rosenberg
A Cloistered Life Unveiled #8 by Anne Wisgo
Street Preacher 8 by Hadong Kim
Beach Boys by Stan Singer
DesperateEyesToronto2009 by Michael Talbot
Pile of Illusions by Herminio Alberti
Reflective Celebration by Kara Wilson
Logan Airport Wreckage of Delta Plane Crash by Robert Currier
Dunk Pitch by Dennis Schlachter
Lake County Fair Winner by Thomas G. Hocker
Smokin' by Shanna Mae Swanson
War Veteran by Matthew C. Miller
Hula Hoop in Riverside Park by Robin Herstand
Crushed by Robert Currier
Inmate 5 by Jens Juul
Good Friday 2 by Paolo Burlando
The Baptism by Jane Robbins Kerr
I Want My Car Keys Back You Bastard by Vincent Frazzetta
Civil War Reenactment 1 by Jim Shoemaker
Olympic Torch Run by Gerald Ratto