Photojournalism / Documentary

Day of the Dead #5 by Linda Omelianchuk
Scary Mounted Klansman by James R. Holland
Shreve Square Demolition #5 by Winston Conway Link
Untitled 2 by Alan S. Hans
Can We Dance Wif Yo Date by Catherine Michele Adams
Streets 1 by Thomas G. Hocker
Phoenix by Bruce B. Barshop
Modern Guard #7 by Bob Trancho
5th Ave. and 40th St. New York City by Norman Lerner
Levitating Man by J. Michael Skags
Untitled #1 by Jihyeu Chen
05 by Mikael Carstanjen
Boiling Down by Vincent Frazzetta
Students Protesting by Joseph Michael Pizzuto
Test Spin by Andre Roman Medina
Exhausted by James Helmer
Students Dancing in Class by Boros Gabor
Through by Melissa Rachel Black
Alki Pirates Land by Steve Shay
Untitled 9 by Kenneth C. Evans
Fencing Lesson by Norman Lerner
Untitled 12 by Paola Serino
Police by Jihyeu Chen
Iron Workers by Jim Sinsheimer
Chicago Marathon by Cheney Lupe
Homework by Tony Westman
Tornado Cleanup Washington by Marty Gerwick
Young Boy near Checkpoint Charlie by Sven Martson
Capitol Building by Shannon Claire
A Cloistered Life Unveiled #7 by Anne Wisgo
Holding Court by Richard Man
Untitled 10 by Anthony A. Laswon
Untitled by Eric Nix
Tenderloin Residents #12 by Lee Grossman
Tent Adapted to Surgeries by Andre Francois
War Protester by Stephan Elko
Occupy 1 Year Anniversary by Bijan Mottahedeh
May we come in by Byong-Ho Brad Kim
Vienna Rage by Peter Manning
Elijah Muhammad's Son by Art Shay
Solitude by Tonya Tapp
Engulfed by Greg Tucker
Six Boys at Common Street Demolition by Winston Conway Link
Handling with Extreme Care by James R. Holland
The Electrician by Peggy Fontenot
David by Maris Martinson
Brian Butcher by Dan Plunkett
Untitled 10 by Andre Paxiuta
Mandan 010 by Rod Fuglestad
Apollo by Kevin Kwok