Photojournalism / Documentary

Which Way to the Future by Maris Martinson
Untitled 2 by Mahesh Daniel
Travel Tattoo 3 by Tiziano Micci
Herd Mentality 2 by Lodiza LePore
Block 10 by Sherry Dunnigan
High Noon by Jack Brown
Santa Cruz River - 1 mile downstream from the treatment plant by Christopher J. Breitenstein
Ace of Wands by William Cook-Haigwood
Sunday Morning by Brad Browne
Morning Flea Market by John F. Doyle
Junkyard Skyline by George E. Sperzel
Truth & Opinions by Mike-David Bliss
Dance of the Hand Looml Washington DC by Charles Albert Huckins
Refugee from Tibilisi by Beata Wolniewicz
Street Signs #66A by John Conn
Fernanda Sitting at the Bar by Paola Serino
Connecticut Train Station by Julius Lester
First Calf by Shanna Mae Swanson
God Bless America by Larry Monczka
WinterTime I (from the series Vittorio) by Paul C. Smits
Untitled 06 by Paola Serino
Festival of Light 11 by Royden F. Heays
Intensive Care 4 by Philip Lawrence
8. Cleansing His Sins by Carlos Saavedra
The Wedding March by Michael Maloney
Tulku Leaning on Post by Joe Englander
No Title For A Sonless Father by Derico Cooper
Contemplation at Festival by Phyllis J. Featherstone
Eating at Festival by Phyllis J. Featherstone
Arte De Guerra-5 by Edward A. Garibay
Sears Tower from the Train by George E. Sperzel
Farrier 3 by Virgil DiBiase
Sow by William Bullard
Day of the Dead #7 by Linda Omelianchuk
The Comforting by Joyce Solberg
Untitled 19 by Tony Joseph
Torchlight Parade by Brett Douglass
The Cemetery by Selim Demirdelen
George 2 by Joshua David Richey
Tornado Damage 1 by Lane Simmons
Tornado Damage 5 by Lane Simmons
Laughing Lama by Joe Englander
Katrinas Christmas by Brian P. Dunleavy
Good Friday by Paolo Burlando
Circus Big Top by Tyler Vance
Palm Sunday by Eduardo Bermudez
Ingot Molds by Thomas G. Hocker
Street Preacher 12 by Hadong Kim
Marble Studio by Heide Castleman