Photojournalism / Documentary

Rose by Claire Martin
Festival Ferris Wheel by Phyllis J. Featherstone
Underground Artists 030 by Marton Kovacs
Admiring the Rod by Jon Yungkans
Tornado Damage 6 by Lane Simmons
10 by Mikael Carstanjen
Anti War Demonstration 2 by Constance St. Jean
Barracks by Sherry Dunnigan
Civil War Reenactment 9 by Jim Shoemaker
Daddy Grace by Esmond Edwards
The Bride by David Guidas
Factory Workers by Ken Sklute
Help Me by Stanley A. Singer
I Wish it Would Hurry Up by Vincent Frazzetta
Park Ave by William Bullard
Welcome Invasion by Olav Urdahl
Parranda 03 by Umberto Sommaruga
Kosovoalbanian Refugees by Olav Urdahl
Starting  A New Run by Stephen Roderick Hopkins
Pilgrims in Jerusalem by John Sumner
Pow Wow 6 by Ernie Leyba
Clown Looking out from his Trailer by Sebastian Sardi
Driving by Brooke Retherford
Midday at Railway Station by Adam Tan
Untitled 4 by Mahesh Daniel
The Path by Adam Tan
Door to Freedom by Reynaldo Leal
Reflection by Andrew Effendy
Welder at Work by Christopher J. Brown
Indian After Surgery by Andre Francois
Babe Followers by Esmond Edwards
Sitting by John McGill.
Women Phallus Carriers in Tagata-no-honen Festival by Christine Laing