Photojournalism / Documentary

Untitled 2 by Michael Mirabito
Materia #34 by Efrain Salinas
Legs by Herbert Unfried
Barbara Ann by Mary Jo Scanlan
Snake Handlers Comforting One Another by James R. Holland
In the Name of God by Leandro Montes Garcia
Day of the Dead #9 by Linda Omelianchuk
Jesus Loves You by Jennifer Spelman
Cold Mourning by Alex DeVilbiss
Airport by David Witten
Patriots by Ronald J. Zeytoonian
Steelworkers 10 by Thomas G. Hocker
The Accident by Charles Stonewall
Hero Reading Paper by Joseph Michael Pizzuto
Untitled 5 by Raymond Torres
Flea Market by Tony Westman
Girl Poses with Wooden Phallus at Tagata-honen Festival by Christine Laing
Untitled 4 by David Winkler
Steelworkers 11 by Thomas G. Hocker
Passing by Saman Michael Far
Peace Sucks by Joel Simpson
Scavenge by James Helmer
Reincarnate Stirring Butterlamp by Joe Englander
Curtis by Jack Brown
Untitled 4 by Victor Rollins
Untitled 4 by Douglas Bienert
Sistas in Waiting by Esmond Edwards
Faith Healing Revival 02 by Edward Miller
Racetrack by Gary Matson
Matachinas #6 by Paul Elliott
Limestone Quarrying 07 by Tom Duffy
Parranda 05 by Umberto Sommaruga
Altes Museum Portico with East German Troops by Sven Martson