Photojournalism / Documentary

Two Women at Zanskar Tsechu by Joe Englander
Keeping the Faith 1- Torah Scroll by Mark A. Bernhardt
Serious Discussion by Key Gross
Nuclear Power by Ken Lorenz
Looking to Pyongyang#1 by John F. Benevelli
Shopping by Claire Martin
Left Behind by Maris Martinson
Church Entrance by Randy Wright
On Broadway #3 by Leopoldo Pena
Mennonite Girls Playing by Don Dudenbostel
Schizophrenic Arms by James G. Owen
Requiem by Alex DeVilbiss
Pippi's burial by Fred Rosenberg
Portugal Daily 6 by Kirill Kozmin
Bound by Faith 10 by Jessica Lutz
Arte De Guerra-3 by Edward A. Garibay
Summer at Lackawanna State Park by Francine Douaihy
Burn by Gail Snowdon
A Cloistered Life Unveiled #1 by Anne Wisgo
Fair 11 by Jon Fjortoft
Farm Workers by Ian Wagreich
The Breadmakers #3 by Steve Huth
A Lady by Norman Lerner
Modern Guard #8 by Bob Trancho
Antique & Collectibles Fair 10 by Jon Fjortoft
Limestone Quarrying 09 by Tom Duffy
Rest in Peace by Susan Stone
Coshocton Main Street 2009 by John A. Gauerke
Blacksmith by Emory Winship
Prize Fighting Cock by Don Dudenbostel
Anti War Demonstration by Constance St. Jean
Sleeping by Eduardo Bermudez
Art Connoiseurs by Norman Lerner
Jonesport Fishermen by Ann L. Krumrein
Brand by Shanna Mae Swanson
Kid 1 by Eldar Guliyev
Earthquake by Peggy Fontenot
Untitled 14 by Mahesh Daniel
Limestone Quarrying 04 by Tom Duffy
Decisions by Stephen Roderick Hopkins
Street Legal by Michael D. Frey
Easter Sunday by Water Leporati
Restoration by Steve Huth
Shows 1 040 by Vincent Frazzetta
11.Brought to Heel by Roger Gaess
The Tuscan Olive Net by Bill Woods
Last Time Together by Paul Indman
Shows1 039 by Vincent Frazzetta
Demolitioneer #2 by Winston Conway Link