Photojournalism / Documentary

Cattle Drive 17 by Allen Birnbach
Cow at Angkor Wat by Jamie Johnson
Jacques Cabaret 11 by Keiko Hiromi
Sanacion #58 by Efrain Salinas
Not What You Think by Lee Grossman
Protesters 6 by Michael Phillips
Silent Venice by Mihai Florea
A Day in the Life by Adam Tan
Fine Jewelry by John L. Rodman
Funeral 03 by Thomas G. Hocker
From Many by Ellen G. Ingram
Omani Dancers by Jerome Skiscim
Fidel Castro by Julius Lester
Fulton Mall by Stan Raucher
Window Washer by Bruce Wilkinson
Rescue by Joyce Woolems
Dispute by Ludwig Desmet
Deb and Tony by Claire Martin
Mandan 061 by Rod Fuglestad
At the Gun Rally by Bruce B. Barshop
Church by Julius Lester
Land of the Giants by David Bowman
Prowlers by Brian Gilwee
Shoes and Shovel by Jim Sinsheimer
Patriotic Contempt by Joel Simpson
Matachinas #3 by Paul Elliott
Battle At The Bus by John Elliott
The Wallen Brothers by Jurgen Dopatka
Natural Numbers by Stephen K. Hall
Arte De Guerra-4 by Edward A. Garibay
South LA Fire by Hernan Vazquez
Indifferent by Dennis R. Ford
Snake Handler's Living Crown by James R. Holland
Honesty by Joshua David Richey