Photojournalism / Documentary

Keeping the Faith 2- Sefer Torah by Mark A. Bernhardt
In the Shadow of Kings by Edward A. Garibay
Main Street Merced by Keri Wood
Ernest by Joshua David Richey
Flustered Woman by Jack Weingarten
A Day in a Mental Hospital by Shinya Ichikawa
Tire Man by John S. Evasco
Go Away by Scott Fowler
Long Ride by Mark Shubin
Bunkers by Leigh Ann Shaw
University Cafeteria by Sven Martson
Reincarnated Tulku with Butter Lamp by Joe Englander
12-lay down-2 Boston 2011 by Virginia Delgado
Untitled 8 by Tony Joseph
Mothers Shoes by Tony Westman
Setting up the Big Top by Tyler Vance
Chairs by Mark Gubin
Gentle Giant by Reynaldo Leal
Be Proud by Paolo Burlando
Farewell by Siobhan McClory
Huey Dust Off by Robin Frazier Hunt
Irma and Fernanda on Stage by Paola Serino
Nixon on LaSalle Street by Art Shay
Soup Kitchen by James Helmer
Caged Boy by James Cammack
Men on a Train by Richard Tucker
Ticket Lady by Selim Demirdelen
11-lay down by Virginia Delgado
The Shop by Saman Michael Far
Three Artists by Nash Lawrason
World Massacre Tour by Paolo Burlando
Tin Can Man by Jack Brown