Photojournalism / Documentary

Single Room Occupancy by Claire Martin
Untitled 1 by Douglas Bienert
Intensive Care 2 by Philip Lawrence
Streaker by Jim & Anne Mitchell
Vendedora del Ajo by Kellie Fitzgerald
Festival of Light 09 by Royden F. Heays
Untitled 3 Denver Colorado 2008 by Charles Lehman
Alone 1 by Mitford A. Fontaine
Street Vendors by Ellen G. Ingram
County Fair 3 by Jon Fjortoft
Elevator Operator by Norman Lerner
Refugees Discussing by Boros Gabor
Looking for The Spirit by Frank Brueske
Untitled 4 by Paulo Jorge Ferreira Monteiro
Guest Bedroom by Bill Johnson
The Breadmakers 3 by Michael Dorais
Afternoon Paper by Emmanuel Canteras
Untitled 01 by Paola Serino
Penitencia #3 by Efrain Salinas
West Seattle Summer Parade by Steve Shay
Folsom Street Farm by Remo Fioroni
Water Play by Willow Brown
Gas Chamber by Sherry Dunnigan
Seamstresses by Ian Wagreich
Mother and Daughter by Jonathan Cooper
Antique & Collectibles Fair 5 by Jon Fjortoft
Working the Chains by Scott Fowler
Untitled 29 by Zachary Spira-Bauer
Selma by Julius Lester
Atlantic Avenue by Stan Raucher
Protest by Jihyeu Chen
Halal Freezer by Susan Hayre Thelwell
Money Changer by Jack Delmonte
County Fair 7 by Jon Fjortoft
Ladder Ranch Drive 12 by Allen Birnbach
Main Street Stockton by Keri Wood
People Power by Lou Swenson
Late Lunch by Melissa Rachel Black
Backstage - Clowns 2 by Matthew Butkus
Street Signs #2A by John Conn
Mt Paekdu Railcar by Jack McMaster
Keeping the Faith 4 -S efer Torah by Mark A. Bernhardt
Parade 3 by Thomas G. Hocker
Untitled 2 by Michael Mirabito
Materia #34 by Efrain Salinas
Legs by Herbert Unfried
Barbara Ann by Mary Jo Scanlan
Snake Handlers Comforting One Another by James R. Holland