Shutters I by Wendi Donaldson
Soller by Carl Geisler
Interior by Richard Stultz
Chemung Mine 4 by Michael Pienta
Untitled 7 by Karen Curran
Up Downtown by Andrew Jevne
Concrete Forms & Rebar by Kenneth Sekiguchi
Electrical Box by Bob Newman
Waiting for Art by David E. Becker
The Bridge Wins by Scott Goetz
Two Windows by Dennis Usdan
Stairs by Dawn Leader-Peloso
Westminster Abbey by Stephen Hodgetts
Alley by Bob Witkowski
Padova Window by Christine Federici
Water Tower by Tom Robbins
Spiral by Hilda Champion
High Noon at Jackson Church by Walt Viney
Inhabited Monuments 1 by Petr Travkin
Road Construction XXIX by Keith Blandford
Launching XIX Century Today by Herminio Alberti
Eastern State Penitentiary #2 by Al DaValle
Sine Storage Tanks by Roger Lieberman
Light in the Valley by Alice Newton
Le Gibet by Pohan Wu
Sudden Crypt Light by Tom and Marj Green
Shadowed Ruins by Stuart Brafman
The Wall 1 by Bjorn Bjornson
Frankfurt 1 by Dr. Gary Morgan
O'Hare Concourse 1 by Bert Ihlenfeld
Stairway to... by Alan Wood
Weathered Stairway 2 by Erik Nash
Solitary Flight by Daniel Joder
Columns by Daniele Regis
Time of Absence 6 by David Avila-Canamares
Restaurant by Linda Fitch
On the 14 Metro Line by Itzhaky Aviv
Homestead by Sherrylou Blower
Cloister by Simeon Posen
Catherdral by Jarret Quinn
High View by Harold Tompkins
Arches by Gwen Solomon
Memorial 7142 by Eli Matityahu
Divine Illumination 2 by Jim Sinsheimer
Geometria 7 by Jean Bai
Wuhan 6 by Francesco Carucci
Under The Stadium by David Cohen
Hudson Yards #1 by Myron Slabaugh
Aisle by SharonHoffmann
Jurassic Energy by James A. Crawford