Architecture / Interiors

The Tube by Karen Hanley Colbert
Fan and Stairs by Patricia Patterson
A Film In Time by Marshall Gould
Silos by Michael Medrano
Curves by Gigi Chung
Solitary Barn by Matthew Goldsmith
Tower Stairwell by Gary Cook
Brooklyn Bridge by Yuriy Krupa
Corner #9 by Ezekiel Tarango
Escher's Place by Robert Pendleton
Fred and Ginger by Gerald Shonkwiler
Citizens Energy LNG Holder by David W. Goodrich
Under The Bridge 1 by Dan Branson
Welcome To Mile Zero #1 by Rob Haff
Staircase Study 01 by Brian Cattelle
Cubed by G.B. Smith
Bens by Peter Charles LaBrosse
2 Mission San José by Megan Schroeder
Round Church by Fred De Filippo
From the Outside Art Museum by Jack Curran
Sea of Steps by Jamie Seguino
Growan by Ralph Henzler
Flatiron Impression by Jack Daulton
Funk's Grove Church by Stephen Curtis Wilson
Belgium Architecture by Ronald Lloyd
Industry No 04 by Martin Neuss
Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre by Richard Sadowski
Shutters I by Wendi Donaldson
Soller by Carl Geisler
Interior by Richard Stultz
Chemung Mine 4 by Michael Pienta
Untitled 7 by Karen Curran
Up Downtown by Andrew Jevne
Concrete Forms & Rebar by Kenneth Sekiguchi
Electrical Box by Bob Newman
Waiting for Art by David E. Becker
The Bridge Wins by Scott Goetz
Two Windows by Dennis Usdan
Stairs by Dawn Leader-Peloso
Westminster Abbey by Stephen Hodgetts
Alley by Bob Witkowski
Padova Window by Christine Federici
Spiral by Hilda Champion
High Noon at Jackson Church by Walt Viney
Road Construction XXIX by Keith Blandford
Launching XIX Century Today by Herminio Alberti
Eastern State Penitentiary #2 by Al DaValle
Sine Storage Tanks by Roger Lieberman
Light in the Valley by Alice Newton
Le Gibet by Pohan Wu