Centennial Place by Arete Edmunds
Concierge by Jerry Grasso
Mourning Dove Angel Wings by Gary Cook
Destination by Hunter Wyatt-Brown III
TwoTowers-0028 by Alex Braverman
Cubes and Cylinders by Errick L. Cameron
Mirror World by Dancho Atanasov
Penetration by Jeff Bader
Ellipse 6 by Rob Haff
Talc Plant by A. David Wunsch
Remains Of Mala by Scott Reither
Garfield's Monument by Susan B. Griffith
Motel by Nash Lawrason
Bridge by Guy White
Armani Staircase 1 by E. Cindy Stein
Kirkmaiden Church by Thomas Wells
Antique Building by Don Jacobson
Ogive by Jon Yungkans
Light by Michael Grimm
Michigan Central by Matthew Aldrich
The Righteous by Gregory Collins
Hall #1 by Wolfgang Sulzer
Christianhavn House by Karen H. Colbert
1200 Fifth by Brian Moore,
Bubbles by Susan Annable
Santa Croce Internal Courtyard by Hillary Greene-Pae
Claustro Real #2 by Wolfgang Sulzer
Tower of Darkness by Samuel Vovsi
Ribs by Dancho Atanasov
Two Trailers by A. David Wunsch
Hall Columns by Tom Green
Sold Out on Indian Peaks by Daniel Joder
Alone 04 by José A. Azcutia
Zhadid 229 by Eli Matityahu
Gothic and Renaissance by Daniele Regis
Sacred Stones Number 3 by William Obernesser
Behind The Window by Joao Ramires Fernandes
Abbey Staircase by Lee Grossman
Ferris Wheel by Lee Grossman
Seeing Through by Doug Testa
Inside an Ancient House by Jay Bergman
Detached by Ralph Henzler
Night Walk 8 by Sei Yeon Lee
Verboten II! by Bernard Werner
Skylight by Joe Sack
Shapes And Lines by Brad W. Eble
Amish Country by Joanne Scherf
Occulus by Saman Majd
The Bell by Andrew Egan
Doorways by Joe Sack