Mourning Dove Angel by Gary Cook
Untitled 8 by Karen Curran
Danchi 6 by Shoko Atsuchi
Church of St. Francis by Richard Baznik
Geometry by Roger Lieberman
Reflecting on Chicago by Jim Sinsheimer
Sombras by Frances Miller
Abandoned Church in Winter by Virginia J. Mahan
Stairwell Art by Marj Green
Titanium Tones by Gerald Shonkwiler
Golden Gate Fog by Len Blau
The Abby by Eugene Renzi
Oculus by David W. Goodrich
Farm by John L. Rodman
Three Crosses by Janeen Macrino
Chicago Sky by Len Blau
Puglia by Charles Allen Haynes
Night Walk 6 by Sei Yeon Lee
Frank Gehry IAC Building by Sandra Canning
Missions-3 by William L. Witmer
1890 by G.B. Smith
Building Spine by Jeff Bader
Penthouse View by Kirk Decker
To Believe or Not To Believe by J. Michael Skags
Bridge 2 by Roderick Lyons
Waiting by Dominic Greco
Piazza Cordusio by Donald J. Schwarz
Abandoned Everglades Memorial Hospital 11 by Gonzalo Rosendo
Missions-10 by William L. Witmer
Untitled 5 by Will Hickerson
Untitled by Daniel DeLong
Cupolas by Yuniel Espinosa Castro
Hallgrimskirkja Church by Kathleen Fischer
Lobby by David E. Becker
Pathway to Culture by Harold Tompkins
Arches of Princeton by Elina Veyberman
A View with a Room by Bob Ashley
Lloyds Building by James S. Heuer
Urban Geometry 7 by Barbara Bender
Saint Chimney Washington by Howard Nepo
Life Shadows by Nancy Mack
Morse Code - Chicago Style by Doug Bisson
St Mary's Interior by Royden F. Heays
Medienhafen by Duschan Tomic
Highway by Michael  Schiffhorst
Oakland Walk by Christine Federici
Old Barn by J. G. Coughlan
DIA Reflect 5 by David Pantuso
Tourist by Rick Menapace
Westgate Bridge by Noel J. Elliot