Trump by Judith Pollock
Lower Manhattan by Joseph Romeo
Moorish Influences 2 by Jerry Grasso
Eastern State Penitentiary - Sentry Stairs by Patricia Leeb
Myerson Lobby by Maurice Leatherbury
Manhattan Sunrise by Edward R. Sancious
Gripped by Carol Janik
Untitled 12 by Horacio Hernandez A.
Mission 6 by James Johnson
Under World 08 by Mark Brittain
Steel at Night by Igor Danajlovski
A Walk Into The Future by Jerry Eisner
Prairie House 5 by Jane DeGross
Left by Joan M. Ladendorf
Twisted Steel by Sylvia Ford
Coppola's by Carlos Rozensztroch
Home by Sabrina Staires
Soho by Luciano Del Bufalo
Skeletons by Davido Rossi
Doors 7 by Juan J. Pucci
14345 by Brian T. Adams
National Cathedral by John R. Kuhn, Jr.
Homestead 2 by Sherrylou Blower
Untitled 5b by Bruce Blum
Window and Fire Escape by T. Eric Henne
Caboose by Brian Anderson
Untitled 4 by Bruce Blum
Reflections 7 by Stephane Graciet
World Trade Center 11 by Ronald Cooley
Monhegan #2 by Mary Woodman
Woodrow Wilson Bridge 5 by Joel Kubicki Jr.
San Fransisco de Assis by Robert Poole
High Rise #3 by Royden F. Heays
Rot in Jail by Cynthia Merzer
Sydney Noir Bayside Lounge by Linda Berman
Warehouse Remains by Marj Green
World Trade Center 7 by Ronald Cooley
Pedestrian Bridge (Destroyed) 1 by Steve Reeves
Kuna Village by Bob Bader
Architecture by Adam Plucinski
Urban Geometry 8 by Barbara Bender
Met Life Building by Mick Andreano
Corridor 2 by Jerry Marsico
Curves & Lines #2 by Karen H. Colbert
Railings by Karen H. Colbert
San Galgano by Augustus Napier
Untitled 1 by Bruce Blum
Lipstick by Bill Rosenberg
Osaka Castle 1 by Jim Kelly
East Chop Lighthouse by James S. Heuer