Architecture / Interiors

Folded Edge by Andy Shield
4 Concourse lLevel Doorway by Alex Hoffmaister
Reflections by Debora Cartagena
Versailles Hallway by Kenyon Blower
Turbulence River by W. Stephen Saunders
World Trade Center 9 by Ronald Cooley
Grain Silo #3 by Steve Siegel
Stairs by Aurelio Martinez
Windows & Turret by Karen H. Colbert
Amish Farm by Joseph Romeo
Golden Gate Bridge 9 by Cindy S. Reed
9.1 Razor Wire Double by Jane Hinton
Broken Escape by Aidan Kessler
Untitled 2 by Jihoon Kim
The Cottage by Mary Woodman
Mission San Jose Tumacacori1 Tumacacori AZ 2009 by Dennis R. Ford
Crumbling Barn by Frank Wayne
WDCH 7 by Dennis R. Ford
Crescent Hotel by Kevin Monroe
Golden Gate Bridge 8 by Cindy S. Reed
Old Roman Road by Ronald Reimer
Gas Station by William Weber
Forlorn by Peter Charles Labrosse
Untitled 2 by Melissa Schulz
Modern Flatiron by Michael Parvin
The Home Place 3 by Mike Baker
Empire State Building and girders by Tom Grill
The Arrow by Wendi Donaldson
Rice Storage 11 by Charlotte Bryson
Brooklyn Bridge Light Stanchion by Joe Constantino
San Marco Cathedral by Stanley E. Harris
Fatima by Pierre Laroche
19273 9 by Ken Sullins
Untitled 22 by Ed Drake
Danchi 1 by Shoko Atsuchi
09 Skywalk by Jurgen Dopatka
Vista View House Stairs #1 by Tommy Gibson
Reflection by Thomas S. Parry
Domkirke by Frank Wayne
T for Tower by Camden Ashley Hosea-Small
Ronchamps by Barbara Buchholz Collins
Man below Oslo Plaza by Svein Nordrum
The Y by John Hennessy
Fractured by Teresa Baber
Under World 05 by Mark Brittain
Fluidity by Kerstin Arnemann
Grain Silo #8 by Steve Siegel
140 Year Old Bedroom by Randy Weiner
Union Square by Carlos Rozensztroch
Detroit by William A. Oliver