BeansLadle                                                         Camp Taylor by Gene Crowe
Untitled 3 by Bill Davison
Superbeetle by Guy White
Dolls at the Flea Market 12 by Melinda Isachsen
Untitled 4 by John Petro
Chipped Pot by Allan R. Lamb
Shadow on Wall & Cement Steps by Scott Brock
On His Shoulders by Michael Sowa
Untitled 11 by Duncan Oja
Thinking Spot by Jarret Quinn
Exit Row by Norton P. Remes
Flowers of evil 5 by Guy Gagnon
Comet Trails by Jim Tucker
Chatsworth Statue by Ben Haytock
Sewing by Robert Steffen
Exuberant Cornice by James S. Heuer
Joan Miro studio by John Lewis
Street Light #12 by Kenneth C. Evans
Fashion Angles by Sophie Mosimann
Race by Greg Finnegan
Untitled 1 by Alana Taber
Desert Shelter by Elizabeth Koetje
Untitled 2 by Ken Sklute
Street Life 4 by Cris Constantinescu
Abandonded Factory by William R. West, Jr.
The Phoenix Rises by Paul Hetzel
Bus Stop by Charles F. Mason
Antique Power by Charles Burnam
Welcome by Jim Lustenader
At the Well by Peter D. Erhard
Tree figure by Wesley Maye
Be Kind by Leslie J. Yerman
Radiation by Lynette Yu
Sacred Ground by Todd J. Donery
Thinking of Steinbeck by Susan B. Griffith
Familia by Tom and Marj Green
Angel of Mercy by Jet Fandialan
Crow's Nest by RW Hawkins
Retired Bus by Tom Green
Lunch by David J. Nelson
Salton Sea Skeleton by Mike Cavanaugh
Railway Factory by Massimo Badolato
Sanctuario de Chimayo by Don Jacobson
Southern California by Harry Longstreet
Cell by Delaney Turner
Quiambog Cove by Eric Williams
4-Progress by Daniel R. Joder
Bridge 11 by Richard Bresden
Packard and Chevy at the Church of Santa Ana by Hillary Greene-Pae
Hutong 6 by Petr Travkin