Still Life / Objects

Be Kind by Leslie J. Yerman
Sacred Ground by Todd J. Donery
Thinking of Steinbeck by Susan B. Griffith
Familia by Tom and Marj Green
Angel of Mercy by Jet Fandialan
Crow's Nest by RW Hawkins
Retired Bus by Tom Green
Lunch by David J. Nelson
Salton Sea Skeleton by Mike Cavanaugh
Railway Factory by Massimo Badolato
Sanctuario de Chimayo by Don Jacobson
Southern California by Harry Longstreet
Cell by Delaney Turner
Quiambog Cove by Eric Williams
4-Progress by Daniel R. Joder
Bridge 11 by Richard Bresden
Packard and Chevy at the Church of Santa Ana by Hillary Greene-Pae
Underpass Graffiti #5 by Scott Brock
Waste Not by Mr. Stevo
Radiator by Mary Woodman
The First Morning - Window Series by LeeAnne Mallonee
Winter Rail #08 by Paul Hulewicz
Trap Door by Joe Gledhill
After a Light by Mark Uzmann
Light Step by Maia Reim
Bottles in the Window by Scott Fowler
Grave Flowers 1 by Allan R. Lamb
Reed Cuba Car Painting by Dudley Reed
Featherwight by Willem Bannink
The Sun Voyager by Baz Hunt
A Stilled Life #1 by Diane Silverman
Good Stuff by Allan R. Lamb
Reflected by Linda Whitney
I fully support my wife furthering her education by Dora Lutz
10 The Watcher by Marilyn Canning
Dark Bulbs by Christopher Buffalo
Stilled Life by Gerald Ratto
Addict Cup by Juan Herrera
Grieving at the Rail Yard by Harry L. Taplin
Alley by Darryl Godfrey
Door to Twilight Zone by Robert Schwiebert
Graybar Fan by Scott Hoyle
BrickWork #5 by Mikhail Mamontov
Outside Coors Field by Joe Fretz
Heavy Winds by Gregory Monroe
Silk by Jim Nickelson
Hay Bale by David McCleary
Entrances 6 by Steve Burkett
GM Trucks by Gary Cook
Rusting Away by Lou Fischer