Still Life / Objects

TBird by Donna Rosser
Cricket's View by Marshall Gould
track1910 by Anthony D. Stone
The Clay Factory #9 by Bob Ashley
Untitled 1 by Eli Matitiyahu
Untitled 3 by Christopher John Brown
University by Alex Braverman
Shadows by Ken Sklute
Grain Storage by Jeff Unger
Patience-3 by Anthony D. Stone
Mustang Reflections by Jason Huntzinger
Post Office by Allan R. Lamb
Untitled 12 by Guillermo Ubilla
The Clay Factory #8 by Bob Ashley
Mason's Root Beer Mural by Bruce Rathbun
Branch by Robert Rohn
Bottle by Robert Rohn
Gas Station by Joel Kubicki Jr.
Street Mannequin E by Sanford Davis
Untitled 6 B by John Legeman
Tree & Lamp by William Wiebesiek
carcabin studio 2010 by Hunter Wyatt-Brown III
Untitled 3 by John Philip Larson
Fountain Horses by Mark Coggin
11. Dudley Farm by R.D. Smith
Mission shadow by Tom Kirkendall
Moonset-over-Silver-Cliffe by Stan Rose
Au repos by Guy Rochette
Quiet Dark 11 by Jose Luis Silva
The tower by Josefina Rodriguez Marxuach
View Point 1 by Otakar Hevler
Glimpse of sunlight 3 by Izabela Maciusowicz
Three by Frank Knapp
Remnants of the Departed Plate 8 by Robb Johnson