Still Life / Objects

Madawaska Bridge by Joe Sack
Window Mannequin by Judy K. Dethmers
Center Of Three Doorways To The Cathedral by Steve Dzerigian
Untitled 2 by Lisa Boughter
Rivets Falling by Lou Fischer
Stuck in the Mud by Scott Fowler
Lost Souls #5 by Chong K. Choon
Rest by Lau Haaning
Cinecittá by Michael Lewin
Odd and Evens by Elizabeth Milward
A Game Through My Eyes by Herminio Alberti
Landscapes enclosed in delicate gossamer phials D by Stefano Ciol
Convair by Michael Brown
Waqif Souk 8 by Alex Davis
Juan Miro's Workshop by John Lewis
Held to Stand by Laurits Haaning
Looking by Michael Frey
Lost by Norman Robins
Untitled 3 by Sowmya Ramachandran
Blue Plastic by Joan M. Ladendorf
Beauty in Symmetry by Francine Douaihy
Swings by Shinya Ichikawa
The Gift's by Gregory Talley
Kino Mission #4 by Chris Coffy
Time(less)-Motion(less) by Spyros Lambrou
Branch by Joan M. Ladendorf
White Room by Mary Woodman
Bicycle Pedal Oradour sur Glane France 2013 by Alain Labbe
Like Touching Each Other Inside by Natascha Auenhammer
Old Homestead by Virginia S. Metevia
Rollercoaster #2 by Janos K. Lanyi
Lost Burro Mine by Jim Shoemaker
Greenhouse 1 by Alan Weintraub
Glasses and Vase 1 by Ed Perkins
Death 4 by Rene Roalf
Abandoned Home by Gary J. Alba
Glyph 5 by J. H. Hardcastle
The Sherpa by Laurie Blanksma
Snowy Vigil by Jay Spilker
Past Elegance by Laura DeNardo
Wigwam Ford by Gregory Collins
Play #1 by John Swain
Hang in There by Elizabeth Milward
Going Up by Liza Hennessey Botkin
Hoover Reservoir by Alan Lemire
Lots of Locks by Alan Wood
Directions by Don Russell
Tuscany by Charles Allen Haynes
Bunk by Jim Lustenader
Roll The Dice by Stuart Lieberman