The Net by Darrel Sano
Blue Chairs Tenessee by Lewis P. Stolman
Train Set-03 by Mike Noble
Desert Cactus by Joanne Scherf
DumbartonOaks1 by John Buckley
Feather 6 by Rodger Overholser
VT Church by Eileen Duranko
19273 6 by Ken Sullins
Grass for Travel by Katherine Heistand
Chimney 2 by Albert Alan Normandin
09 Sleep Tonight by Jurgen Dopatka
Stove by Gregory Collins
Biscayne by Andrew Thomas
Hurricane Bill 09 by Javier Dominguez
Motorcycles by John F. Doyle
Untitled 4 by Randy Cole
Tribute to 9-11 Victims 7 by Alan Sandler
Afternoon Shadows by Joe Puglisi
Fire Hydrants by Harold E. McCray
Jazzfest by John F. Nitsche
Insight by Heiner Pflug
Abandoned Teenage Girl Room by Margaret Crowley Kiggins
Angel to Watch Over by Patricia Sweeney
Engine 47 and Car by Lucian Palmer
Alleys of A Kung Ngam #5 by Larry Chan
Untitled 3 by Manh-Thai Nguyen
Three Vases - What Else by Peter Serko
Bugatti by Simon Peterswald
Aerial Blondin -Slate Quarry North Wales UK-2010 by Barrie Watts
Little Angels.Cleveland Heights Ohio.2012 by Susan B. Griffith
Bob by Michael Cheng
Fish Monger by Rochelle Baker
Coney Island by Steven F. Dansky
Simple Math by Kirk Anderson
Lighthouse by Scott Ober
Marble Quarry 3 by Gifford Ewing
Pink 1955 Caddy by Myron Slabaugh
Luckies by Susan Britsch
Loggia del Vasari by Brian Bardo
And Pose by Terry Scopelliti
Blistering Rust by Myron Slabaugh
Orange Can 2 by Ralph Sammarco
Kitty Pappas by Ann Torrence
Potting Shed 3 England Uk 2012 by Jasmine Cottage
Confessional by David Julian
St Mary's Window 2 by Royden F. Heays
cuba cars # 1 by Scott Clarke
No Parking by William A. Oliver
Grass Tufts & Cobblestone by Scott Brock
Ramshakle Chairs and Tables 8 by Tiziano Micci