Wall of Horseshoes by Loren Nelson
Untitled by Richard M. Caplan
Water Tower 33 by Kevin Babcock
The Foyer by Dana Redick
DC-3 by Vern Bartley
Untitled 1 by Dominika Dzierzymirska-Podplomyk
Transition by Doug Bisson
Dolls With Staples by Carole Usdan
Window 9 by Melissa O'Shaughnessy
Water Tower 1 by Kevin Babcock
Auburn 12 by Ralph Sammarco
Inside the Bean by Lou Sagatov
Graffiti by Sophia Koopman
57 Chevy by Myron Slabaugh
Sleek Grantsburg WI 2012 by Rick Pearson
The Years Roll By by Kevin Bruce Parent
Branch-Framed Cross by Norman Press
Open Year Round by Tim Johnston
Milan Cycles by Jon Meyer
Resting on the Shore by Mihai Florea
Decommission 1 by J L Tyler
Patagonia by Eric Dillenberger
Untitled 03 by Hui-won Ryu
Spiralfeder by James C. Ritchie
Three Mile Island Towers by Alan Wood
I70 by Sarah Overbeck
Soares-Gomes by Roberto Soares-Gomes
Lighthouse Stairs by Richard Pratt
Bicycles by Ken Sklute
Porch Chairs by James S. Heuer
The Eye by Bob Bader
Eastern State Penitentiary - Electric by Patricia Leeb
Arm with Jamaican Flag by Scott Brock
Ani 11 by Charles F. Mason
On Old Route 66 by Gregory Collins
Stones by Jim Kelly
Pow Wow by Alison Watt Jackson
Ocher Olive Jar by Kevin Tallant
Apsaras #8 by Sayeed Mehmood
Rope by George Fischer
Goldfield Windows 1670 by Bob Neiman
Path to Uncertainty E by Herminio Alberti
untitled7_Burlington by Kenneth C. Evans
Clothesline by Aline Smithson
Altar by Don Jacobson
Rubber Plant 2 by Hannah Dodson
Bike by Annelise Day
The Heat Geometries 6 by Roberto Frieri
House #7 by Richard Tucker
Fenêtre à la brunante by Guy Rochette