Still Life / Objects

Shed Hinge by Allan Goodman
International r-120 by Lee Grossman
Zephyr by Darrel Sano
First Winter Storm by Laurits Haaning
Rooftop by Jim Kelly
Salvation by Silas Toney
Untitled 3b by John Kerkacharian
Expulsion from the Garden by David E. Williamson
silent guests 3 by William Bannink
Window by Tobin Lanzl
Bench 5 by Scott Ober
Silo 2 by Gerald Dietrick
St Mary's Window 6 by Royden F. Heays
Haunted Beach by Mihai Florea
Rakushi-sha House Stove by Don Jacobson
Heart to Heart by Michelle Colling
Iron Design 3 by Jarrett Quinn Hlady
Old Tracks #5 by Michael D. Frey
Untitled 5 by Randy Cole
Segregation by Michael Skaggs
Bible School Hymnal by David Julian
Carved Block by Johnny Landry
Untitled 5 by Ka-Luen Chan
04 Suntouched by Jurgen Dopatka
Cycle Shine by Errick L. Cameron
Flag, Morrison & Sky by Scott Brock
Recycling by Ronald Reimer
Fontana dei Quattro by Dennis Hodges
Element 6 by Allan R. Lamb
Goblet with Frames by Tamarra Richards
The lighhouse by Pedro Diaz Molins
Car Abstract 2 by Karim Abiali
Building Series 1 by Kathy Conway
Numbers by David Guidas
Prayer Room 6 by Jarrett Quinn Hlady
Inside Out by Joanne Scherf
Old Couch Snoqualmie Valley by Michael D. Frey
Silent Space #6 by Bernie Kessler
Lilly and Sun by Mitsu Yoshikawa
Burned Car 2 Oradour Sur Glane France 2013 by Alain Labbe
New Orleans Lucky Doll by John F. Nitsche
Order of the Dragon by Paul Kiernan
Highway 120 by Vinny Walsh
Buffalo Sky by Bailey Ann Rosen
National Park 4 by Mark Lozier
Model A by Jerry David
Urban Form No.6 by Philip Gornicki
Bombay Beach 06 by Jim Shoemaker
Petrol Cap by Simon Peterswald
North Of Route 80-004 by R.D. Smith