Still Life / Objects

Copper Bowl by Beverly Norman
Secret Melody by Carsta Amrehn
LaSalle Trunk by Neil Marcello
The Tallit (Prayer Shawls) by Cynthia Merzer
Car Wreck 9 by Bjorn Bjornson
Way Out by Phil Wright
Ramshakle Chairs and Tables 6 by Tiziano Micci
End Of The Line 8 by Jerry Grasso
Face Object by Shinya Ichikawa
Water Tower 14 by Kevin Babcock
Yellow Vine Bike by Craig J. Satterlee
Blushing Strawberries by Peter Pusztai
Building Series 2 by Kathy Conway
Carousel by Robert D. Pierce
Trains-Coors Boxcar by William L. Witmer
Table&Chair                                                         New York by Gene Crowe
Horse by Shinya Ichikawa
Death of the Family Farm by Kathleen A. Sletten
American Harvest by Joanne Scherf
untitled 1 studio 2009 by Hunter Wyatt-Brown III
Colorful Stockholm by Agnieszka Szczurowska
Diana #1 by Robert Hopkins
November Window by Max Sadtler
Bayou Canoe by Linda Morrow
Wheelbarrow by Robert Petersen
Exploration by Yael Barzilai
Untitled 9 by Robert Moran
At All Angles by Erin Malone
Slide 9 by Adam Williams
Train by Kevin D. Couture
And Pose 2 by Terry Scopelliti
Studded by Ron Hugo
Car Wreck 10 by Bjorn Bjornson
A Display of Caring by Peter Ingresselino
Empty Space #2 by Phillip A. Windell
Shoreline by Jim Kelly
Untitled 3 by Barbara Rachko
Working Lathe by Marj Green
Black Bicycle by Patrick O'Toole
Mask 1 by Ezekiel Tarango
Red Hydrant by Matthew C. Miller
Winter by Matthew C. Miller
Curtain by Jeff Sinnock
Neon Gas by Stephen K. Hall
And a Copper Downspout by Paul O'Brien
Ghost by Charles F. Mason
McCormack. Family by Mitch Nelles
Figure and Lamb by Michael R. Ransdell
Titan by Don Jacobson
Roy Chevy by Gregory Collins