Still Life / Objects

Clothesline by Aline Smithson
Altar by Don Jacobson
Rubber Plant 2 by Hannah Dodson
Bike by Annelise Day
The Heat Geometries 6 by Roberto Frieri
House #7 by Richard Tucker
Fenêtre à la brunante by Guy Rochette
Railroads 1 by Roberto Soares-Gomes
StepUp 07 Wayne NJ 2011 by Martin Frank
ER by Christopher Meseke
Frozen Hose Wagon by Robert Currier
Junkyard 10 by Sylvestre Machado
Drops by Lee Grossman
Untitled 4 by Robert Moran
Empty Corn Bins by Wayne Norton
1UnbearableLightnessofBeingTime by Hugh Jones
Engrenagem 1 by Cicero Alberto Mafra
Do Note Be Afraid by Melanie Monterey Eyth
White Lady by Susan Annable
Walking with a Ghost by Scott Goetz
Flag & Phone by Stewart Harvey
Auto in Forest by Richard Wilkie
Beer Tanks by Robert Mueller
Shipwreck by Dave Skinner
Faith by Brian T. Adams
Imperfect Repose #9 by Jong Seon Park
Eastern State Penitentiary - Water Pots by Patricia Leeb
Frost Storm by Russell Lewis
Shop Carts at Ikea by Rochelle Baker
Along Highway 60 by Rachel Schneiderman
Headlamps by Darrell Sano
Powerlines by Allan Goodman
Ammonite by David E. Wolf
Suburbia by Carsta Amrehn
Stairway to Heaven by Alessandro Gruetzmacher
Mechanical Teddy by Jos V. Desmedt
Lower Level by Steve Dzerigian
Beach Fences 5253 by Bob Neiman
Fans for Sale by Jonathan Pontell
Bandini by Chuck Koosmann
Transformation by Dana Redick
Door Handle by Michael R. Stoklos
Ford F450 Super Duty by Maurice Leatherbury
Bouy by Carol MacLeod
Treees in Fog by Frank Knapp
Jungle Gym by Shinya Ichikawa
Blue Ballet by Deborah Mickler
Vintage Cork Screws by Stephen Hodgetts
Snakes by Angie Jennings
Foreign Aid by Hannah Dodson