Plastic on Overhead Wires by Don Russell
Untitled 03 by Nick Brundage
The Painter by Marco Diniz
A Pool Too Steep by James David Lewis
Comedy Mask by Kyle Wilson
How We Fade by Sarah Lusto
End of an Era by Thomas D. Walczyk
Fountains of Life by Charles Larry
Order by True Brescia
Blue Tarps by Scott Page
Praying Hands by Jerry Siegel
The Clay Factory #1 by Bob Ashley
Acorns by Edward M. Fielding
First Thing by Heiner Pflug
Drum Line by Dona Corben
Untitled 1 by Steven Greenbaum
Bike and Grass by D. Peter Collins
Butch True's Shining Path by David E. Wensel
Iron Steel & Steam by James C. Ritchie
Mile Zero #4 by Rob Haff
Six Chairs by Robert Colantuono
Inside Bodie 6 by Ron Discipulo
Plenty by Allan R. Lamb
Angels and Saints  8 by Jack Curran
Glass&Light                                                    Nevada City by Gene Crowe
White Satin by Darrel Sano
Unknown Soldier by John F. Doyle
Bar Room Chairs by James C. Ritchie
San Marco 7 by Juliet Harrison
Still Life With Tea Pots by Miroslav M. Vrzala
Lost by Allan R. Lamb
Healing Power 1 by Peter D. Erhard
Old Truck01 by Simon Laufer
Hidden Peace Corner by Boros Gabor
Car Wreck 3 by Bjorn Bjornson
Not Going Far Very Fast by Myron Slabaugh
Burano12 by Steve Burkett
Toxic Shock 3 by Steve Moretti
Kites by Clifford Baker
Basch House by Pat Willard
Empty Spaces by Marco Vergano
Disconnect by Susan Annable
Hearing by Norman T. Robbins
Fire Truck by Allan R. Lamb
Doorway Arch by Mark Balcom-Wolf
Interplay of Stones by Heide Castleman
Riverboat Detail by Richard Pratt
Morning coffee 300 by Alex Braverman
Saskatoon Clouds by Wayne D. Buhr
Head by Cheryl Quick