Still Life / Objects

Red Cross by Elisabeth Groat
Old Silo by Robert Andrew Dawson
Bathroom Massacre by Steve Siegel
Roaring Brook Viaduct by Eric Williams
Please Take Your Seat 3 by Alan Wood
Window #6 by Mary Woodman
Doll & Rusty Wheel by Allan Goodman
Apparatus #33 by Lee Grossman
Trumpet Valves by Paul Wittreich
Hull by Jari Poulin
Railroads 2 by Roberto Soares-Gomes
The Pure of Heart by Max Cooper
Job Unfinished by Jim DeLutes
Through by Susan Annable
Aircraft Salvage 5 by Thomas G. Hocker
Untitled 11 by Juliet Harrison
Yellow Line by Robert Hecht
Barrows Mortise Lock 2 by Barclay Hurst
Vizcaya 4 by Rita Pignato
Celestial Orbit by Francine Douaihy
Gear & Piston by James C. Ritchie
Ando Museum Patio by Dale Leifeste
Dueling Yellows by Kristina West
07 Z Fence by Jurgen Dopatka
The Old Homestead by Richard Reading
Door & 2 Side Pillars by Scott Brock
Idle Machines by Ronald J. Zeytoonian
Door and PLA by Timothy G. Long
D'Orsay Clock by Tom and Marj Green
Celestial Light by Peter Charles Labrosse
Inside Bodie 1 by Ron Discipulo
House of Blues by Aurelio Martinez
Burned Brick Shell by Allan Goodman
The Journey- beginning or end by Edward Ries
Leroys Farm by Alison Watt Jackson
Horizon by Nash Lawrason
Josephe's Cork by Kenyon Blower
History by Susan E. Ellis
Kicks by Matthew Angley
Abandoned by Johnny Landry
Ready by Allan R. Lamb
01 David Webb Monkey Clip by Javier Dominguez
Waiting for Red by Denise Silva
Doing Time Light Fixture Phila Pa 2009 by Martin Frank
Untitled by Terence Falk
Castle of Rocks by Gonzalo Rosendo
San Gabriel Mission 1 by Herman Vasquez
Remnants One by Tracy Moore
Dresses by Susan Britsch
Alleys of A Kung Ngam #7 by Larry Chan