Still Life / Objects

Cranky by Vern Bartley
Bending Woman by Mark Coggins
Mile Zero #1 by Rob Haff
Wall Decor by David Kyungsoo Chun
Division by Tanya Russell
Folded Hands by Kim A. Holz
Barn by Jeremy Lindstrom
Lonely Chair by Alan Wood
Cars 007 by Richard Reading
Wheelbarrow by Marj Green
Hogs on Main Street by David Patterson
Cemetary II by Mark Beehre
GMC Hood Ornament by Harry L. Hinkle
Sea Shack by Sugoto Mukherjee
Bed and Table by Jerry Bosworth
Untitled 1 by Duncan Oja
06 by Mary Doering
Camaro and Signs by Mick Andreano
One Sixty Sweep by Joel I. Cossrow
Stepping Out by Michael Parvin
Lindisfarne Castle Dining Room by Gary Cook
Counts Tavern by Bruce E. Rathbun
Confederates in the Darkness by Corbin Teal
Mimic by Stewart Harvey
The Heat Geometries 7 by Roberto Frieri
Safe Ride by Brenda Doucette
Neon Graveyard #2 by Fiona Howarth
Untitled 10 by Robert Moran
Clock by Cris Sandoval
Captivity & Pleasure #3 by Gary Bankzmer
Ford Flatbed by C.E. Morse
Ford Model - T (1923) by David Kyungsoo Chun
AmericanI ron Horse by Matthew Williamson
Doll on Glass Shelf by Melinda Downing