Still Life / Objects

Boardwalk Ride 5 by Lee Grossman
L'Atelier de Claude - Vice by Darryl Godfrey
Wilson Turner 3 Years 1864 by Kevin Schwarte
Andi Dreaming by Alex Hoffmaister
MorikamiWishingWell by Coelina Jones
Cuba Cars # 5 by Scott Clarke
Father and Son by Steve Huth
Tower and Trees by Mick Andreano
Opera Singer by Brandy Emerson
Untitled 8 by Li Sun
Abandoned Shack 2 by Nathan Caplan
Urban 2 by Gabriel Leitner
Nendaz by Geo Oplaat
Traveled Shell by Cara Niazi
Dissolution Recent Work from Detroit 1 by Michelle Rogers Pritzl
Refill by Laurits Haaning
Wheel by Linda Whitney
Red in New York 5 by Lorrie Scott
Before Computers by Edward R. Sancious
Ready for Rent by Curtis Choe
Two Birds And A Cage by Bill Rosenberg
Power Wheel by Chris Thompson
Perishableness #3 by Maaike van Oorschot
Dance Door by Ana Paula Aguiar
Doll Heads by Carole Usdan
Angels and Saints  3 by Jack Curran
The Coat by Andy Brooks
Holsum by Orlin Nedkov
American Icons by Geoffrey Gaynor
Macro Yuca in Water by Herminio Alberti
Abandoned Locomotive by Edward M. Fielding
Modest Tag by Charles H. Carver
Geometry by Pedro Diaz Molins
Blue Swirl by Tara P. Zehnder