Still Life / Objects

Reliable Hardware by Steven J. Epstein
Handtruck by Dennis Schlachter
Tree by Patrick O'Toole
Bus Stop by Jeff Unger
I Will be Right Back by Herminio Alberti
Donna's Tree by Elizabeth J. Holmes
Replicas by Kenneth Marty
Costal Abstraction 1 by Dan Branson
Caught in the Moonlight by Scott Fowler
Flatware and Glasses by Lee Grossman
Harbor Orphan by Erwin G. Markowitz
Ramos Polychrome Pottery by Ernesto Beall
Shaded Jars by Jerry Marsico
The Dinner Train by Marshall Gould
Car Wreck 2 #9 by Bjorn Bjornson
Machine for Coffee by Carlton Johnson
Forge Tools by Loren Nelson
Out Of Business by Harold A. Kuskin
Vase with Baby's Breath by Judith Monteferrante
Open Range by Lee Hruska
Bar Stools by Andre Gallant
Topside by Yui
Rhyolite Building 1766 by Bob Neiman
Photography by Vladimir Kabelik
La Menagere by Don Buelter
I Hate Winter by John Bayler
Store Window 2 by Robert Steffen
The End 2 by Nenad Saljic
Insulated Wire 7 by Dave Sova
The Paddle by Norman Robbins
Shacks by Wayne Norton
Sombrilla by Francisco Guerrero
Rusted Cash Register by Rita Pignato
Italian Door by Charles Fillhardt