No. 99 October 2013 : Black & White : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 99

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  1. Orval Hixon: Portraits of Vaudeville

    Vaudeville may be long dead and buried, but its infectious, multicultural spirit lives on in Orval Hixon’s evocative glass-plate negatives of forgotten stars like comedian Chic Sale, actress Vera Beresford and countless others. Today’s celebrity photographers could learn a thing or three from Hixon’s ability to capture the essence of a personality in dramatic chiaroscuro.

  2. Joyce Tenneson: Spiritual Warrior

    In her own modest, subtle fashion, Tenneson has proved to be one of the most imitated and influential women photographers in the history of the medium. Her portraiture and figurative imagery is often termed “otherworldly,” yet it explores real-world issues of identity and empowerment with uncommon eloquence and insight.

  3. David Nanni Portfolio Contest Winner

  4. Spotlight: Tami Bahat Single Image Winner Portraiture/Children