No. 96 April 2013 : Black & White : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 96

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  1. Currents: Mexican Photography Now

    Manuel Álvarez Bravo remains Mexico’s best-known photographer, but a new breed of visual artists is producing imagery as complex and captivating as the country itself.

  2. Feature: Jesse Alexander: Formula One Moments

    Of all the forms of motor racing man has devised since the invention of the automobile, one stands alone. While rally, touring, stock car and drag racing all have their merits, none of them can match Formula One in overall mystique and excitement. Its settings are more exotic, its racetracks more challenging, its cars more supercharged and its drivers arguably more skilled.

  3. Alternatives: Jerry McMillan: Reshaping the Language of Photography

    Almost 200 years ago Nicéphore Niépce pointed his camera obscura at the world outside his window and captured an image on a light-sensitized pewter plate. Not only was this the first photograph, it also became the first word in what is now a lively and voluminous lexicon of photographic imagery. Since that momentous day, photographers have followed his example and developed a visual language that defines and shapes our understanding of the world, one that utilizes a vocabulary that converts our thoughts into visual explanations of our experiences and lives.

  4. Garry Winogrand: A Contrarian View

    Controversial, combative and utterly brilliant, the late photographer’s enigmatic “non-narrative” images of America’s changing social complexion continue to unsettle and inspire.

  5. Vivian Maier: Out of Nowhere

    A complete unknown during her lifetime, the self-taught Maier created an astonishing body of documentary work that compares favorably with the genre’s masters.

  6. Ruth Bernhard's Eternal Grace

    The Berlin-born artist photographed MoMA’s first catalog, hung out with Edward Weston and made some of the most luminous nude studies in the medium’s history.


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