No. 91 June 2012 : B&W+Color : Special: Two Magazines in One!

Issue No. 91

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  1. Stanko Abadzic: An Old World Take on the New World

    An unabashed romantic, the Croatian-born Abadzic focuses on emotions in a world increasingly intent on materialism and consumerism.

  2. The Black Star Photo Archive: History Reserved

    Since its donation to Toronto’s Ryerson University in 2005, the most significant collection of documentary images ever assembled now serves important historical, educational and collecting purposes.

  3. Larry Fink’s Egalitarian Eye

    The iconoclastic photographer has spent five decades examining the soul and psyche of America across social, cultural and political boundaries.

  4. Bruce MacDougall: In Search of Wabi-sabi

    The senseless murder of his daughter sent Bruce MacDougall on a spiritual and emotional photographic sojourn that has helped him achieve a measure of acceptance if not understanding.

  5. Machiel Botman’s Autobiographical Journey

    The Dutch photographer’s entire body of work forms a unique visual diary of his life and the lives of his loved ones.

  6. Creative Journey: Jack Spencer: This Land

    Spencer’s compelling series grew out of his concern for where America was heading at the outset of the Iraq War, but as he got further into the project, the physical beauty of the country subtly altered his perspective, tilting the work from indictment to homage, and into a balanced representation of darkness and light.

  7. Stuart Frolick: The Reluctant Muse

    The male representation of the female nude has long been subject to critical scrutiny, especially as society became more sensitive to the cultural objectification of women. Alfred Stieglitz and Georgia O’Keefe, Edward and Charis Weston, and Harry and Eleanor Callahan are among the famous couples who transcended exploitation through mutual respect and collaboration. The high road they travelled is also taken by Stuart Frolick and his wife in these richly ambiguous, playfully symbolic images.


Black & White
Dan Francis
Sam Robbins
Matthew James Smith
Joan Ladendorf
Derek Pantling
Barry Stoch

Mary Goodrich
Carolyn Karsten
Alan Berkson
Edite Haberman
Carol Rooney
Janet Dwyer
Chang Shu
Beverly LaRock
Simone Koffman
Bill Mauzy
Martha Weintraub
Susan Gendron