No. 89 March 2012 : B&W+Color : Special: Two Magazines in One!

Issue No. 89

  1. Innovators: Barbara Crane

    One of the longtime heroes of experimental imagery, Crane’s singular approach to abstraction is at once daring, conceptual, organic and emotional. Now in her eighth decade, she continues to produce work of astonishing virtuosity and lyricism.

  2. New Directions: NOOR Images

    This groundbreaking photographer’s collective maintains a deep commitment to human rights and social issues as it helps to shape photojournalism in an evolving media landscape.

  3. Rediscoveries: Tony Ray-Jones

    The English photographer brought a heightened subjectivity to the documentary genre in the 1960s, but died before he could see the profound impact of his legacy. Anna Ray-Jones talks about her late husband’s work in this exclusive interview.

  4. Profile: Gene Kennedy

    Runaway urban development depicted from a humorously off-center perspective, one that sees paradox within progress.

  5. Profile: Steven A. Heller

    Heller’s intimate portraits of creative professionals bear his elegant visual stamp while allowing their personalities to emerge intact.

  6. Creative Journey: Danielle Nelson Mourning

    Who needs Danielle Mourning functions as both performer and portraitist in her ongoing exploration of her family’s lineage in Ireland and the United States. Her visual journal of self-discovery has brought her closer to her family and her place in the world.

  7. Perspectives: James Fee

    Out of the horrific experiences suffered by his father on the South Pacific island of Peleliu during WWII, James Fee created a rich photographic response that not only reveals how nature absorbs (and embraces) the detritus of war, but also honors, expands and reclaims two singular and conflicted lives.

  8. Profile: Laszlo Layton

    Layton’s still lifes of natural history specimens exploit arcane photographic processes to create a vision of endangered and vanished species resonant with unsettling, animate beauty. You’ll never look at such creatures as the Crowned Pigeon, Zebra Duiker or Chevrotain in quite the same way again.

  9. Profile: Simone Lueck

    Although it lies just 90 miles south of the United States, the average American’s perspective on Cuba doesn’t extend much beyond Fidel, Havana cigars and mojitos. Enter Simone Lueck, whose intriguing photo series on Cuban television sets casts oblique yet revealing illumination on the island nation’s cultural pulse.


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