No. 85 September 2011 : Black & White : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 85

  1. Perspectives: The Black Panthers In Focus

    Ruth-Marion Baruch and Pirkle Jones’ 1968 pictures of the Black Panther Party comprise a fascinating and remarkably balanced look at one of the most controversial—and misunderstood—chapters in American history.

  2. Creative Journey: Ferenc Berko

    This leading exponent of photographic modernism was a down-to-earth Hungarian whose best pictures always found room for a touch of humanity. While not as famous as his contemporaries Brassai and Kertész, Ferenc Berko’s work stands shoulder to shoulder with theirs.

  3. Time Lapse: Baseball Memories

    From Brooklyn to Los Angeles, the Dodgers have been one of baseball’s most storied franchises. Team Historian Mark Langill provides a privileged glimpse into the club’s history through its extraordinary visual legacy.

  4. Interview: Roman Loranc

    This much-lauded landscape/architectural photographer discusses the dual eastern European-northern California perspective through which he creates elegant, atmospheric images rooted in both the spiritual and the temporal.

  5. Profile: Ying Tang

    Born and raised in China’s most populous city, Ying Tang roams Shanghai’s backstreets and boulevards to create indelible images of its people with insight, humor and grit.

  6. Alternatives: Southern California Expressionism

    Photography is largely defined in terms of movements and traditions, yet the picture in the Los Angeles region has long seemed vague and undefined. Turns out, there’s been a vibrant and surprisingly cohesive scene for some time—one built upon formal experimentation and inspired by the city’s complex matrix of entertainment, politics and culture.

  7. Creative Journey: Neil Krug & Joni Harbeck-Alexander

    This young husband-and-wife team (he’s the photographer, she’s the model) are making waves with cinema-inspired still imagery that imbues the retro format of instant film with a hip, modernist edge, while simultaneously taking a trip backward and forward in time.

  8. Profile: Jehad Nga

    Jehad Nga confronts the heart of darkness in some of the world’s most violent and dangerous environments, but avoids making obvious or didactic statements. His photographs instead focus on his subjects’ strength and resilience in the face of political and social upheaval.

  9. Profile: Steve Gunther

    Known for mainstream magazine images of perfectly manicured gardens, Steve Gunther’s personal work deals with atrophy rather than growth—abandoned houses and other structures in which visual symmetry is contained within darker narratives.


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