No. 83 May 2011 : B&W+Color : Special: Two Magazines In One!

Issue No. 83

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  1. Time Lapse: The Mania And The Music

    Long before American Idol took the country by storm, the Beatles incited even greater levels of worship during their 1964 American tour. Freelance photographer Curt Gunther had a ticket to ride, and documented the unchecked obsession that continues today.

  2. Creative Journey: George Krause

    One of the greatest living photographers brings a bracingly original perspective to the human condition, delineating the positive and negative forces that regulate existence.

  3. Interview: Nobuyoshi Araki

    To some, he’s a master of the erotic; to others, an exploiter of women, but no one calls Nobuyoshi Araki boring. Japan’s most provocative photographer discusses what makes him tick—and what turns him on—in this exclusive Q&A.

  4. Profile: Paul Raphaelson

    The Brooklyn-based photographer explores the mysterious synergy between urban wildlife and urban decay.

  5. Profile: Phel Steinmetz

    Viewing Steinmetz’s sardonic images of man’s adversarial relationship to his environment, one is tempted to paraphrase Walt Kelly’s Pogo: “We have met the alien, and he is us.”

  6. Currents: War Photographer Redefined

    We’ve come a long way since Robert Capa and Eugene Smith. Today’s war photographers often work outside the line of fire in pursuit of complex and layered behind-the-scenes perspectives. Welcome to the new war zone.

  7. Creative Journey: Richard Nagler

    Words are everywhere around us, yet Richard Nagler focuses solely on those that embody spiritual and poetic connections to inhabitants of the urban landscape.

  8. Profile: David LaChapelle

    Celebrities are America’s royalty, and David LaChapelle’s brilliantly staged portraits of our entertainment icons have established him as their official court photographer.

  9. Profile: Arthur S. Aubry

    It’s sometimes difficult to determine what one is looking at in Arthur Aubry’s photographs. Although his subject matter is firmly rooted in the real world, he applies an interpretive overlay to create beautiful and thought-provoking abstract imagery.


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Arthur Ransome
Roberto Soares-Gomes
Binh Trinh
Michael Schlegel
Russ Thompson

Jeremy Week
Jan Poulin
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Eduardo Fujii
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