No. 59 June 2008 : B&W : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 59

  1. Looking Glass

    Dean Brierly interviews Life photo-grapher Myron H. Davis—now 88, and still going strong—who in 1953 shot the stills for the film From Here to Eternity.

  2. Art & Technology

    Dean Brierly investigates the origins of the unique Mordançage printing process.

  3. Gianni Berengo Gardin

    Acclaimed by fellow artists and countrymen as the Italian Henri Cartier-Bresson, Gianni Berengo Gardin ranks as one of the most prolific and accomplished documentary photographers of his generation. “I’ve been lucky that photography was my job but also my passion. I’ve always been an amateur who takes photo-graphs as his job.

  4. David Brooks Stess

    He lives in a darkroom—literally. The windows of his tiny apartment in Manhattan’s West Village are covered in black fabric that can be rolled down when he is in printing mode. “I’m old school. I like the craft of it,” he says.

  5. David Puntel

    His prints are made with the rare ambrotype process.“Every step was a challenge, but when I finally learned the process it all came together for me.”

  6. Scott Peters

    “For me, the challenge and excitement of photography lies in the question of how one makes a personal interpretation of a scene and not an objective portrait,“ he explains with regards to his creative motivation.

  7. William W. Fuller

    “I have no interest in the technical aspects of photography, other than to make the best quality prints I can. My interest is in the form and composition. Art. What was it one of the winners said at the Academy Awards? ‘Make art!’ Repeatedly. That’s it.”

  8. Jacob Croft Botter

    The connection to place, the conception of home, and the commitment to family are among the thematic threads woven throughout his work.

  9. Lee Brumbaugh

    “Photographs are neither messages, nor mirrors, but messages in a mirror. Addressing these contradictions through my work is part of the excitement of making photographs.”

  10. Peter Fauland

    “In a way, my formal training as a particle physicist influenced my artistic conception. The deeper I looked into the world of the tiniest particles, the more evident it became that the world cannot be described via a matrix. Quantifying beauty from a mathematical approach isn’t feasible.”

  11. Louie Palu

    “I feel a strong sense of purpose meeting people, and documenting their situations and stories. Visual reporting brings an element of reality that no other form of communication can.”

  12. Lenore Ryan

    “My favorite photographs seem to be the monochromatic ones,“ she says. “They’re a source of continuous inspiration for me and always emotionally more involving.”