No. 57 March 2008 : B&W : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 57

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  1. The World Of Photography

    With Italy’s rich artistic tradition, one would expect its photographers to be prominently represented in the world of collecting. But that’s not the case—not until now. During a visit to Rome, Nile Tuzun became so impressed by the work she saw that she decided to open a gallery devoted exclusively to Italian photographers. We’ve chosen 10 from her stable.

  2. Lloyd Goodman

    We’re constantly surprised by the seemingly endless abundance of accomplished photographic artists still to be discovered by a worldwide audience—here’s yet another standout from down under. Born in New Zealand and today working in Australia, there couldn’t be in this part of the world a more protean, visionary and ecologically committed artist than Godman. We devote 12 pages to his multi-faceted imagery.

  3. Jesse Kalisher

    His father is pioneering street photographer Simpson Kalisher. As the son decided to follow in his father’s foot steps, he widened his own reach to encompass the wider world. Jesse’s oeuvre so far shows the result of travels in over two dozen countries.

  4. Mark Lisk

    It’s an abiding love for the diverse landscapes of his native Idaho that inspires his classic fine art photography.

  5. Rob MDonald

    He has long been obsessed with a connection between identity and sense of place—a theme he found a way to illuminate in a series of birdhouse images shot in South Carolina. “The more modest the human home, the more interesting the birdhouse.”

  6. Christian Cravo

    Water as a symbol, sacrament, and the embodiment of nature as a life-sustaining force is a recurring theme of this seriously accomplished, internationally acclaimed Brazilian photographer. “Water is a common link between all living creatures.”

  7. Walter Chandoha

    Today, in his late 80s, he has rediscovered—and we with him—the charm of the New York images he captured half a century ago.

  8. Jean-Claude Loius

    A physician and scientist, now retired, his travels in China, Vietnam, and Cambodia has produced images of exceptional beauty. He uses Polaroid Time Zero film to obtain a timeless, painterly effect.

  9. Charley Morey

    Reflecting his “Tom Sayer” childhood in Maine as well as his current living environment in downtown Los Angeles, he divides his creative expressions between the untouched beauty of Yosemite and a graffiti-infested urban world.

  10. Jason Mullins

    His work reflects a minimalism that borders on the abstract. The other-worldly light he courts, or rather, creates—via long exposures and dodging and burn-ing in the darkroom—further enhances this effect.

  11. Harvey Wang

    For 30 years, he has photographed America’s eccentrics, dreamers, outcasts, and iconoclasts. He himself uses a simpler word: individuals. We feature his images from New York skid row flophouses.